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-Adjustable nose-piece and earloops

-Soft 100% organic cotton lining

-5-layered PM2.5 filter included

Select Color: Charcoal

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Holiday Excursion

Protecting You in a Crowd

Whether you’re heading to a big game, the theater, or holiday shopping, VIDA has the perfect mask to suit any excursion. Find your team’s color or match your outfit and keep yourself safe and warm with items like our recyclable KN95s or reusable Sports Masks, offering 95-99%+ filtration.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I wear a mask?
Anytime you are in a crowded indoor area or around possible carriers of COVID or other illnesses it is best to wear a high protection face mask. You can also check with individual venues to see what their mask policy is.
How can wearing a mask protect me?
High filtration face masks protect the wearer from viruses and bacteria. They offer a barrier for expelled respiratory droplets and reduce inhaled microscopic and submicroscopic particles.
What is the best mask for me to wear?
A snug-fitting, high filtration efficiency mask like any of our KN95s, N95s, or KF94s are all good choices to protect yourself when you are in a crowd. If you prefer reusable cloth masks, ours come with a 99% efficiency filter.

Customer Questions & Answers

Q: What is the filtration efficiency of your masks?

A: All VIDA masks are thoroughly tested to ensure their filtration efficiency levels of 94%-99%+.
Mask with KN95 Protection Test Reports

Q: Are these masks FDA Approved?

A: No, they are manufactured in an FDA Registered facility. If you prefer an FDA Approved Mask, look at our N95s. They are all thoroughly tested to ensure their filtration efficiency levels of 94%-99%+.
Mask with KN95 Protection Test Reports

Q: What age ranges are these masks for?

A: The VIDA Kids’ KN95 Protection Masks fit ages 5-10, and the VIDA Kids’ 99% Filtration Sports Masks fit ages 5-12. For kids under 5, consider our Kids’ KN95 X-Small Mask. For kids over 10, consider our Sustainable KN95 Mask.

Q: Are the masks comfortable enough to wear all day?

A: They are very comfortable, but you can always raise the comfort level of your masks even further by choosing the right sized mask for your face and then adding our Mask Comfort Fit Set which includes two sets of Ear Loop Adjusters and an Ear Saver.

Q: Are these masks a good size for petite adults or people with big faces?

A: The dimensions are listed for you in the product description, so please check these to ensure a perfect fit. Our KN95 masks are available in Adult, X-Small, and Kids’ sizes and our Sports Masks are available in Adult, X-Large, and Kids’ sizes. Our Adult KN95 masks are 8.25” W x 6.125” L while the Sports Masks are 8" W x 6" H. You can create a tighter fit on the face by adding adjusters on the ear loops using our Mask Comfort Fit Set.

Q: Can the masks be reused?

A: The number of times the mask can be reapplied depends on skin type, work setting, and activity level. Our KN95 masks are a single-use mask and not intended for reuse beyond a single day. However, our Sports Masks can be reused if hand washed, filters are recommended to be replaced after 7 days.

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