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Knit Melange variant image

-Adjustable nose-piece and earloops

-Soft 100% organic cotton lining

-5-layered PM2.5 filter included

Select Color: Charcoal

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Our mission is to build a responsible, global platform where people can connect and produce beautiful, art-inspired and original products. We strive to empower creatives and uplift makers, creating long-term social and economic empowerment for all communities worldwide.  Driving our mission forward are our three core values: artistry, humanity, impact. 


We believe there’s strength in community and that we are #bettertogether.  The content we post on our social media platforms is intended to demonstrate the power of art to make positive change, spotlight the incredible artists and makers around the world, and add inspiration to our everyday lives. 

We invite you to join us and to share your thoughts and questions on our social media platforms. However we do ask that you do so with humanity and kindness, and that your comments are on-topic and respectful. Only together can we build a global and connected community that enriches our lives. 


So that we can cultivate this community vision, we will disallow and/or remove any content that is: 

  • Disrespectful or hateful speech especially targeted at a specific community
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  • Defamatory or espousing unfounded claims
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People who post content that violates our guidelines will be reported to the respective social media platform and blocked from our community if the behavior persists.