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Editor, VIDA / October 13, 2019 / SUSTAINABILITY & IMPACT

VIDA // Custom Made For You


Women’s Wear Daily (WWD), commonly known as the bible of fashion, recently wrote an in-depth feature on VIDA highlighting our purpose – To rebuild commerce in a way that enriches everyday lives of creatives, makers and customers worldwide.

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It’s a widely known fact that the Fashion Industry leaves behind a heavy environmental footprint. According to a recent report by McKinsey “Total greenhouse gas emissions from textiles production clock in at 1.2 billion tons a year, more than those emitted by all international flights and maritime ships combined.”

The good news is that there is increased awareness and consciousness amongst brands, manufacturers and customers. We are all working together, doing our own bit to drive the conversation, find better solutions and be more responsible.

At VIDA, our entire business model has been built to avoid waste. We only manufacture on demand when a customer places an order. That means, that we do not stock up on inventory, we custom make every product to reduce waste and avoid the rising issue of unsold inventory that leads to heavy environmental costs, use of cheap materials, poorly paid labor in developing countries and wasted resources.


We can do all of this only because our customers believe in our values. They choose our one of a kind custom made products over fast fashion purchases. They support the idea of creating a circular economy, they care about the environment, they care very deeply about where and how their clothes are made and they truly believe in backing emerging designers.


As we continue to grow we are ensuring that these principles are applied and adhered to at every level of our business from fabrics to packaging to making sure we are always supporting our makers and helping them grow with us.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on sustainable fashion in the comments section below. Tell us your stories and how you inspire change in your community.

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